2022, 5TH ARM Symposium

『5th ARM Symposium』

The 5th Advanced Regenerative Medicine Technology Symposium”

Apart from the organizing members from the 4th symposium, this year’s event has added participation from 7 Southeast Asian countries, Palau, and the APMEO branch of Cambodia. The focus of this symposium is on the Covid-19 pandemic, which is of concern to the organizing members. Immunology expert Prof.Chen,Lien-Cheng has been specially invited to deliver an in-depth speech on the current development and future trends of the Covid-19 vaccine. In addition, Manager Chiu,Chia-Yi from Taiwan Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories Ltd., a Gold Partner of WHO in human metapneumovirus testing and rich in experience in RNA virus PCR testing, will provide analysis on Covid-19 testing technology and pandemic outlook. Furthermore, at the request of members, Dr. Wang, Yi-Chuang, CEO of MitoMed Inc, was invited to share the latest and most insightful technical explanation of mitochondrial regenerative medicine and future trends. Additionally, Dean Tsai,Hsu-Ming, an experienced practitioner in regenerative medicine, will share the application of mitochondrial and stem cell regenerative medicine in anti-aging, health, and medical aesthetics. Finally, Prof. Su Syu, former Dean of the College of Public Health at Taiwan National Taiwan University, will host the Q&A session and conclude the conference.

This symposium is open to individuals and industry professionals who are interested in mitochondrial medicine technology, regenerative medicine, and concerned with the pandemic and virus detection. In addition to providing real-time analysis on the most pressing issue of Covid-19 vaccine outlook and detection technology, it will also conduct in-depth discussions on advanced mitochondrial medicine technology and stem cell regenerative medicine technology. We hope that this symposium will provide the latest knowledge in advanced medicine, such as vaccines and regenerative medicine, and promote updates for medical professionals and a deeper understanding of the topic. Four master-level experts have been specially invited to deliver professional speeches, and interested parties can register through the Asia-Pacific Medical Exchange Association website at www.apmeo.org.

Registration link :https://ppt.cc/fRU4Nx